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Each of our saw blades use the appropriate carbide for the material to be cut by that blade. In most cases, this is C-4 micron carbide. For very abrasive materials, such as MDF and laminates, we use Micro-Sheen C-4 sub-micron carbide, a special type that resists wear from chemical corrosion. For some rough cutting applications, where C-4 carbide is actually too brittle, more suitable carbides are used. In fact, we'll design and have a custom saw blade manufactured just for your specific applications.

NOTE: See our FAQ Page for more information about saw blades and correct OSHA standards for RPM saw speeds.


ATB - Alternative Top Bevel   ATB - Alternative Top Bevel.

This is the most common saw design, and with good reason. Excellent for cutting operations with or against the grain, it achieves a high level of quality over a wide range of cuts. Top beveled teeth server the material with shearing action. Teeth alternate left and right top bevel.

ATB+R - Alternative Top Bevel plus Raker   ATB+R - Alternative Top Bevel plus Raker

For cut-off and trimming operations on natural wood or undefined grain material. Top beveled teeth sever the material with shearing action alternating left and right, followed by a raking action flat top tooth to facilitate chip removal.

HATB - High Alternative Top Bevel   HATB - High Alternative Top Bevel

Similar to ATB, but teeth are ground with a sharper top angle. Used for laminates such as melamine and formica, this design will allow chip free cutting of double sided laminates on most materials.

LR - Left and Right   LR - Left and Right

An improvement to the traditional ATB, each tooth has a beveled face in addition to a beveled top. This provides an even finer cutting surface and especially clean cuts. Most suitable for veneers, plywood, and anywhere cut quality is most critical.

LRLRS - Left Right Left Right Straight  

LRLRS - Left Right Left Right Straight

Similar to LR above, with added straight raker every 5th tooth. This helps to remove sawdust from the cut, giving better blade cooling and preventing dust buildup in the saw blade. Excellent design for mitre box saws and sharp trimming of slightly thicker wood than used with LR design.

TCG - Triple Chip Grind  

TCG - Triple Chip Grind

Alternating triple-edge and flat top design for dual action cutting. Triple-edge teeth chip down the center of the kerf; flat top raker teeth follow to clean out material from both sides. Very resistant to wear and fracture when cutting hard or abrasive material.

CTC - California Triple Chip  

CTC - California Triple Chip

Combining the best of the ATB's slicing action and the TCG's durability, this recent addition to the lineup is quickly becoming a favorite of people who need to cut a variety of materials without changing blades. That's why you will find it on our new Double Mitre saw blades, designed for picture frame and molding cutters.

FTG - Flat Top Grind  

FTG - Flat Top Grind

For cutting natural wood witht he grain. Larger gullets accept greater chip loads, permiting a higher feed rate. FTG teeth cut with chisel-like action.

RA - Tapered Sides with Flat Top  

RA - Tapered Sides with Flat Top

The tapered sides allow the kerf to be adjusted by raising or lowering the arbor relative to the table of the saw. This design is for the scoring blade on a panel saw, used prior to cutting boards with the main blade.

3 Right 1 Left (3R1L)

3 Left 1 Right (3L1R)


3 Right 1 Left (3R1L) or 3 Left 1 Right (3L1R)

A four teeth grouping with three teeth beveled to one side followed by one beveled to the other side. This provides an extremely clean cut on one side of the material. Used as a pair on double cut-off panel trimming and double mitre machines.

All Right (CA)

All Left (DA)


All Right (CA) or All Left (DA)

All teeth beveled to one side provides a mirror-like finish on one side of the material. Used as a pair on double cut-off panel trimming and double mitre machines.


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