Product Shipping Instructions

To Our Plant

Please put your saw blades between layers of cardboard that are about an inch larger (on all sides) than the blade; Tape or staple the cardboard together securely so it pinches and locks the saw blades in position. Then take the blades sealed in cardboard and place them in a large enough cardboard box so they all fit when surrounded by crumbled newspaper or other packing material. Place a note in the box with your name, phone #, and complete return shipping address. Close box & seal. Ship tools to the plant address:

Dynamic Saw
551 Smith Street
Buffalo, New York 14210

Please follow up with a phone call to the plant, toll-free 888-528-0808, and give us your VISA or MasterCard information.

We specialize in sharpening general to professional saw blades & router bits, manufacturing custom router bits, and selling new blind cutting saw blades, router bits, woodworking tools, & metal cutting circular saws.

We offer the best service and lowest price on sharpening circular and table saw blades and router bits.  Our new CNC saw blade sharpener / grinder gives your steel, carbon, and carbide tipped saw blades the sharpest edge.
At Dynamic Saw, We Make The Cutting Edge!
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